answers for a jew

Answers for a Jew

This book offers answers to questions most commonly asked by Jews about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Why do the Gospels contain two genealogies of Joseph? Is Jesus God? Are there mistakes in the New Testament? Etc.

Some time ago I watched a Youtube video featuring a debate between Judaism and Christianity. It was a conversation between a local rabbi and a visiting Christian professor from a Bible school in New-York (most likely Protestant) that happened in Bet Gabriel. Last time I checked, this video was at:

You can watch it if you like. Here's the gist of it. The Rabbi was trying to explain why contemporary Jews reject Jesus Christ, and asked challenging questions about the New Testament and the Christian faith. The Christian opponent tried his best to answer the questions. He succeeded in part. However, some questions were left unanswered or the answers were not specific enough...

I do not know whether this discussion was continued or whether the rabbi got his answers, but I decided to answer him.